Thursday, August 21, 2008

Learning to Change

It seems as if I have a never-ending list of things I want to change, improve, or just work on. And that doesn't even include the regular "to do" lists or the home improvement projects we are/plan on undertaking. I need a place to think through, prioritize, track, and review all of my ideas, since often when I'm feeling indecisive I just need to talk things through with somebody to realize I already know the answer.

My life has never been routine or boring (buying and remodeling 3 houses in 4 years of marriage will guarantee that), but since having a baby my daily "schedule" and priorities have changed a lot. And I know my life will keep changing as H and our family grow over the years.

I need to get our finances and stuff in order. I have everything managed and organized, but it's mostly in my head, and I need to make it so D or somebody else will be able to figure things out should something happen to me. He may not be interested, but he does need to be kept updated.

The house also needs to be cleaned/organized/spruced up. I've been making do since we plan on making several changes inside yet, so a lot of things get put here or there until they have a real home. But I can't live like that for several years and need to stop the "if and when" thinking and live in the here and now.

I want to change our eating habits, too. I'd say I'm on the healthier end, but I want to learn how to make healthier, "rounder" meals that appeal to D. I could give or take meat, and mostly eat it just because I'm not sure I get enough protein from other sources, but my husband is a carnivore. Unlike my pre-baby life, I can't be outside every evening after work helping D on the house. I used to come in, tired, at 8-9:00 and try to pick the easiest meal on my menu for a quick supper. But now I have a little more time, and if I would put a little more effort into planning I think we could eat healthier.

I'm also putting more effort into being more economical, or "environmentally friendly." Partly for the planet, partly for the pocketbook. It's a general trend right now, which makes some changes a little easier, but I want to be a good steward of the earth. It seems like conservatives, or the "right wing," has the reputation about not caring about the environment. I'm not going to get into the politics of it, and I may not agree about global warming, but I know there are a lot of improvements I, and everyone else, can make each day to cut back on our impact on the earth.

I'm trying to cut back on spending, which ties in to all my above goals. I'm pretty frugal and our lifestyle is quite simple to start with, so that and the current inflation is making it difficult to cut back. We aren't struggling, which is why it can be hard to decide to cut back on some things, but I know we could be doing better, especially about saving.

Check back in the future to check my progress. :)

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