Friday, September 12, 2008

Deals and Dilemmas

This is the weekend for city-wide garage sales. Some people love garage sale-ing, but not me. However, having a little boy that's outgrowing clothes almost as fast as he gets them changes things. In order to save my sanity, I picked a few from the descriptions that came in the newspaper flier and ruled out any that only opened on Saturday. I picked 4, went to one on Wednesday and hit 3 more yesterday, and I made out quite well at all but one.

For $34 I got:
6 t-shirts
6 shirts
6 pants
5 jeans
2 jackets
1 sweater
1 sweat shirt
1 pair of shorts
1 sleeper
2 pairs of shoes
3 books

Most of it is 18 month stuff, which he should be in by mid-late winter, but there was some 12 month and 24 month stuff. Now I'm going to avoid garage sales and stay off the road for the rest of the weekend.

Now for my dilemma. I know we need to get our wills done. I've called for estimates. I've researched. Two things are holding me back:

1) I found Quicken WillMaker on the Nolo website, and have heard that they are as legitimate as any will a lawyer will draft. It's a lot cheaper (by $250+) than a lawyer, and I have confidence in my ability to complete it accurately, but I want someone to tell me its success rate of holding up in court. Saving that money would be nice right now, but not at the expense of H's future.
2) Picking a guardian. In doing some research I found a tip: admit that no one is good enough. I know he will be loved and cared for by any of our choices, but I need to remember that I won't be around to nitpick someone else's parenting style if it comes down to this.

Either way, D and I need to get this done. Well, I need to get this done - D will just tag along and sign the papers.

On a side note, I find it amusing that our lives have come full circle. In September, 2002, D and I met while working at the same place. 6 years, (almost) 5 years of marriage, 3 houses, and a baby later, we are now working together again. :)

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