Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lentils and Rice

For my lovely sister:

I basically follow the instructions on the rice package - 4 c. water to 2 c. rice. I do about 1 1/2 c. brown rice and 1/2 c. lentils, mostly because I think rice is easier to "hide" than the lentils. Add the water and let simmer about 40 minutes until the water is absorbed. This makes enough to last about two weeks, depending on how many meals have hamburger.

I know some beans and grains you need to soak, but you don't need to with lentils or rice. Sometimes I put it in the pan an let it set for several hours, and I think it does make it a little softer, but not a noticable amount.

I've thought about looking for red lentils, since they may blend in with the hamburger better. And how much hamburger you substitute is up to you. Meatloaf I did about half and half, other recipes where the meat is alone I use more meat then rice. Dishes like casseroles I can get away with less meat, especially if they have rice in to begin with. Last time I made stuffed peppers, I think I used less than 1/4# of ground beef.

However, I DON'T recommend using this in burgers, unless adding an egg would help. I ended up with half the burger on the top of the Foreman grill and half on the bottom and they just kept crumbling. We had tavern the next day. :)


jilly bean said...

Thank you! I've seen lentils at Fareway but Wal-Mart must not carry dried beans b/c I looked in vain today.

jilly bean said...

Made meatloaf last night...you'd be surprised what you can hide in meatloaf!

Hadn't been to Fareway yet to buy lentils, but I did have rice. And about 3 cups of leftover teriyaki chicken stir-fry. All the chicken was eaten, but I put the veggies and rice in the blender with a little milk and voila!

Added 2.5 lbs of ground turkey / ground beef combination, 1 cup of rice, some oatmeal, and the regular meatloaf seasonings.

Out of that I got a meatloaf, and then froze the rest in meatball form for TWO future meals! It was sooooo yummy. Maybe the rice/veggie/milk puree added extra flavor and made it moist.

I'm looking forward to the meatballs....and hiding MORE puree creations in meatloaf!

Oh, and I added a little bit of minced chipotle pepper, mustard, and some liquid smoke to the ketchup ontop of the meatloaf. Loved that too. A hint of smokey, a hint of spicy, all on top of yummy meatloaf.

Ok, I'm done raving about my meatloaf creation! :)

C said...

Wow! I'd say that's pretty creative. I don't think I ever would have thought of pureeing leftovers to throw in meatloaf, but it sounds good!