Thursday, October 2, 2008

A "No Spending" Month

I've decided to do a no spending month, starting yesterday.

For how little "extra" I buy each month, I don't expect a drastic difference, but every month I've been spending more than I set aside for baby, household, and personal care items. This is my chance to figure out if I'm really buying more than I need, or if I need to reevaluate our budget.

I don't see a need to get very strict, so I will be buying more than the bare necessities at the grocery store. I'm not going to buy a lot of snacks/extras (although Doug says I never buy enough anyway), but I like to bake and I don't want to spend the month eating beans and rice. We ate a lot of oatmeal and egg dinners when we were first married, and I think we both enjoy a little more variety in our diet now. :)

Yesterday's Report:
Got together with a friend who's back for a visit after living in Mexico for about 3 years. We went to Butler's - but I had a gift card, so I didn't have to spend anything.

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