Sunday, October 5, 2008

Price Comparisons

If my husband only knew...

He got frustrated with me once when I told him how much his giant bowl of ice cream covered in M&Ms probably cost. He doesn't understand how, or why, I know how much servings of food cost.

To put this knowledge to good use, I thought I would see if I could disprove the myth that eating healthy is expensive. So, for your academic enjoyment:

  • Popcorn (air popped) - .04/serving / Microwave Popcorn (Fastco) - .11/serving
  • Oatmeal - .06/serving / Cereal - .25/serving
  • Lettuce - <.10/serving / Ice Cream - .11/serving
  • Pretzels - .10/serving / Cheez-Its - .22/serving
  • Carrots - .10/serving / Chex Mix - .40/serving (.13-sale)
  • Bananas - .17/each / Oreos - .17/serving
  • Frozen Corn - .18/serving / M&Ms - .31/serving
  • Cauliflower - .22/serving / Pop - .30/can (sale)
  • Grapes and String Cheese - .26/serving / Hershey Bars - .55/each
  • Apples - .28/each / Nutty Bars - .17/serving
  • Oranges and Sweet Potatoes(small) - .30/each / Ruffles - .25/serving
  • Pineapple - .41/serving / Hostess Cupcakes - .25/each
  • Nectarines - .61/each / Bliss Chocolates - .50/serving
  • Mango - .67/each / Pringles - .16/serving
This isn't a perfect comparison list, but it gives a general idea. I generally buy fruit and veggies that are on sale, so I did the same for the other items. I did note which ones were on sale for a substantial difference, but almost all of them were based on sale prices.

There isn't a substantial difference, and there are plenty of "cheap" healthy foods to snack on, so hopefully this will help me and anyone else move towards some healthier snacking.

One thing I really noticed while figuring this list out, is serving sizes are not what you would think. For example, can you stop after one banana? Now can you stop after 3 oreos, because that's a serving size. And no one in my house has just 1/2 a cup of ice cream at a time. So these snack foods may be more convenient, but not necessarily cheaper.

Next time you think about buying a bag of chips, how about a dozen apples instead?

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