Friday, October 17, 2008

Reading Challenge

A while ago I though about challenging myself to reading the Bible in a year. I had been thinking how often certain parts get read often and other parts rarely get read (namely the last three books of the Pentateuch), and I cannot claim that I've read the whole Bible despite being a Christian for all my 25 years.

I found a plan that divides it up in a non-chronological order, mostly to avoid the monotony of Numbers. For example, Sundays are Epistles, Mondays the Law, etc. This PLAN is not the one I found before, but it looks exactly like it.

I'm on week 2 and it's been going well. Part of it is that I'm tied to a pump for 10-15 minutes three times a day with not much besides reading that I can do. Hopefully I can stay in the habit of reading the Bible each morning after this and not think that I don't have time. There's other times throughout the day that I could do it, but it is a good way to start out the day.

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MaryHeart said...

Good for you. Sounds like a good plan.