Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So after 2 months, give or take several weeks, I am DONE PAINTING.

We needed about 70 extra pieces of siding, so I ended up painting those. But I could only do it during naptime, six pieces at a time, and they needed two coats. So it was slow going. Finally got that done and then the siding needed to be touched up after it was installed.

I couldn't do a little here and there because we've had such wonderful weather these past few weeks, and we knew it wouldn't last.

Today I finished the last of the trim, and I am SOOOOOOO incredibly happy to move on with my life. Now I can do trivial tasks around the house, such as make a menu and get groceries. I seriously don't know how I've found meals these past few nights.


So it's not completely done. Our doors need to be painted and a little bit of that ugly brick remains along the bottom of our porch. But it's still a million times better.


MaryHeart said...

Good for you!! Hooray! Celebrate! :D

jilly bean said...

Yay! Your hard works shows - the house looks fantastic!