Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Getting Crafty

This isn't a Christmas gift idea, but I've made baby books for my sister-in-law and now my friend. I do digital scrapbooking, and I designed the pages so all the recipient has to do is fill it out and attach pictures. I left a few empty pages at the back and sent a bag with coordinating paper scraps for mats and journaling blocks, and made tags for each month.

I also made this album myself, covering 1/8" masonite plywood with scrapbooking paper, and made a little photo holder on the cover.

I originally made it for my sister-in-law, with the idea of just reprinting pages for future gifts, and using them myself. But, when making my baby's baby book, I decided I wanted coordinating papers, and from there just started from scratch each time. With my friends, my Type A personality (or would it be OCD?) would not let me just reprint the pages. I wanted a coordinating book and I knew the baby was a girl. So, I did a redo, changing background papers on some, but starting from scratch more often than not. But it didn't take as long since I had a base to start with, and it was worth it.

I also recently decided I wanted to learn how to sew. Some time in grade school I started a patchwork quilt, so I was familiar with it a bit. But I wanted to be able to produce some useful stuff. I found an easy pattern for an apron, so I went to my mom's the other day and "knocked" this out. It took longer than I expected and has more than one issue, but it works. Plus, I got the denim fabric as a remnant for right around $1.

More ideas to come. Time to cheer up a sad boy and make supper.

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jilly bean said...

Let's just say I hope you have my name for Christmas. I'd love to see what local / handmade creation you come up with!

by the way....Photo Shop ROCKS! I have PSE 5 and am having so much fun. We'll have to swap photoshop ideas...I'm using Photo Shop for a few Christmas gifts too.