Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Roundup Part 2

I had high ambitions when I started the Christmas season. My mother-in-law likes candles, so I was going to make my own and make a centerpiece. Well, I discovered it would take way too much money to buy what I needed to make the candles, as well as too much time, so I bought some plain candles and decorated them myself. Add a decorative plate, some rocks, and I was happy with the result. However, since I didn't end up making the candles, the colors weren't what I was planning on and after taking this picture I ended up exchanging the plate for a white and black one that matched better.

I remember playing with a block set that had scenes from a book at my Grandma's house. I had Doug cut of pieces of wood to make building blocks for Henry, and while he was at it asked him to make some square ones. I printed out six pictures, cut them to fit the blocks, then went to town gluing, sanding, and mod podging. I came up with this idea lying in bed the Sunday before Christmas since I wasn't happy with how the I-Spy bags were turning out, so I was grateful that my mom (who is much more experienced with the sewing machine than I am) helped out and made a cute little carry bag for the blocks.

Now, for my pride and joy. :) My mom had gotten a coffee table passed on from my sister, but it had an empty hole where glass used to be. I knew she had talked about wanting to tile something to fill in the center but knew there wasn't much chance for it to get done since she didn't think she could do it herself. So I was all excited about this idea, went snooping around her house and couldn't find the table anywhere.

I tried to be vague (not sure if I succeeded) and asked what happened to it (since I had already needed to ask my mom to get some extra/broken tiles from my dad), and she said it went out with the trash. So. I didn't have a plan B. And I decided to make my own table. And my husband got involved which resulted in a perfectly smooth, seamless table. So I got to have my fun smashing tile, meticulously arranging it, gluing it down, caulking, grouting, and cleaning. I finished washing off the grout at 3:00, December 26. We left for the party at 4:00. :)

I hope my mom likes it as much as I do. It was pretty fun, although it took a bit of time, and I have plans of making some for bedside tables. We'll see.

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