Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Roundup

I would say my handmade Christmas was a success. Some things I would probably change, but over all no major regrets or drastic problems. I did get sick the weekend before Christmas, and not wanting to get off the couch did make it a bit of a rush to get things done, although I can't say I wouldn't have finished any sooner if I hadn't gotten sick.

I made these I-Spy bags for two of my nieces. The older one just got a tag with a list of the objects to find, but the younger one doesn't read yet so I printed off pictures, stuck magnets to the backs, and put the in an Altoid tin I covered with scrapbook paper. They turned out fine, and the reactions were better than I expected (especially from the older niece), but since I had gotten the idea from Etsy this is the one gift I wished I had bought instead of made. I also got jewelry making supplies for my older niece, and made picture blocks (next post) for my younger niece.

My brother-in-law had Stuffitts on his list, but the local sports store didn't have anything like them. I found a tutorial on CraftStylish for shoe submarines. They were easy to make and went along with his other gift, so I'm hoping they're effective, but if not no big loss.
I wanted to get the ladies at daycare something since we could not ask for better care givers for our little boy, but didn't have a lot to spend. I got some melt and pour soap and made Honey Oatmeal Scrub Soap, Fireside Cappuccino mix, a CD case calendar, and some Sweet Caramel Crunch mix.

They both loved it, and one said that even her doctor noticed that her skin was less dry after using the soap and said I could should sell it.

I also gave a package to my mom who watches Henry on Mondays - minus the chex mix because my husband ate it all before I had a chance to set some more aside.

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