Saturday, January 10, 2009

Five Years

It's hard to believe we celebrated 5 years together yesterday. Some days it feels like just yesterday we were adjusting to being on our own together, and other days it feels like we've been together forever - in a good way!

We're both home bodies to the core, so we didn't have any big plans. Now I'm not saying a trip way down south wouldn't have been nice, but we also had to consider our budget. I had been talking for a few weeks about going snowboarding some Saturday, since we have the equipment yet hardly take the time (or money) to go. Monday Doug decided that was a good idea, but he didn't want to go on the weekend and Tuesday was the only free day for us so Tuesday it was.

We had gotten some gift certificates from work and needed to pick up a few things for our current project around the house, so we did that first. We got to Sioux Falls around 10:00, tried to spend our Scheels gift certificate, but spent an hour that wore both of us out. And I happened to run into my sister's roommate's mom, who thought I was my sister. I've learned to respond to both of our names. :)

After that, we went and got a fireplace, lights, miscellaneous necessities to get the office wired, and by then it was after 1:00. We needed food. So we treated ourselves to Granite City, and a piece of cake that cost as much as each of our sandwiches. And now it was 2:00.

Discounted lift rates start at 3:00. We were worn out from shopping. And there's an issue we've been dealing with since our first year of marriage that cropped up again while we were out. Want to know how it all started?

The summer of our first year of marriage, I got my passport. We were going to take a trip to visit Doug's sister in Nicaragua, and we were both looking forward to it. Then...

We decided to replace the windows in our house and didn't have the funds for windows and an international trip.

And now, for the past five years, our house (whichever one it may be at the time) seems to take up all our time, money, and energy. And shopping for our house on Tuesday took up all our time, money, and energy that would have otherwise been spent snowboarding.

Oh well, I'm starting to think we're too old for snowboarding anyway. :)

(And we did have a good day - without the snowboarding.)

On another note, we were sitting in the restaurant and there was a table not far away that had some women, probably two sisters and their mom. And there was a little boy that had to close in age to ours, and I was watching them/him and starting to miss Henry but didn't dare say anything to Doug. But as we were discussing whether we really felt like snowboarding, Doug came out and said he thought he just wanted to see Henry. So at least it's not just me.


Jessica said...

Wowy Zowy!! You got a lot of blogging done today! Happy anniversary!

C said...

Thanks Jessica! And yeah, I had a month+ of stuff to catch up on and finally had a few quiet hours where I convinced myself I didn't "have" to do anything around the house.