Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crazy Times

February is a short month, and we had a lot crammed in it.

-A first birthday and the party to go with it
-Teething, troublesome ears, and 3 doctor visits which resulted in:
-Surgery for our 1-year-old to put tubes in
-And planning and making decisions for a life-changing situation, which isn't 100% official until tomorrow and won't be announced until Monday

I'm not stressed, but slightly overwhelmed. And when I feel overwhelmed I accomplish zilch, hence the lack of posts.

And now off to tend to an unhappy camper that just woke up and needs some food.


Jessica said...

We know all about that yucky ear infection-stuff. Asher had tubes put in at 9-months...and they're still intact. Just a few ear infections here and there, but nothing like it was before. Hopefully, this will solve his ear problem!

C said...

Thanks Jessica! I'm hoping this cuts down on infections, but it helped improve his attitude in just a few days. Of course, I would be crabby after having an earache for a month straight, too!