Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Finally Did It.

I gave blood.

And I almost passed out.

And one of the workers played babysitter for me.

I got rejected the time I tried in high school because of low iron, and I've considered it off and on over the years.  This past year I thought about it seriously, yet always had an excuse, and this time I had enough with my lame excuses.

I had planned on going in the morning so I wouldn't have Henry to worry about.  But I couldn't get away from work.  So I stopped there on the way home and asked if it was something I could do with a little tag-along.  They were very accommodating, even without knowing my blood type.  (That was my main push for donating - I KNOW I am a universal donor).  But I should have eaten first.

Maybe half-way through I started feeling light-headed, and asked if that was normal just as my vision started to go black.  Whoops.  The lady helping the person next to me was telling me to cough as the guy helping me tipped my chair back and another lady was headed towards me with cold towels.  So I didn't suffer long, but it still wasn't fun.

My stomach doesn't handle sugar on an empty stomach very well, so the juice and cookies they have to offer weren't much help.  But I survived and am willing to do it again.

After I eat a feast first.


Jessica said...

Jonathan gives plasma twice a week. Well, he doesn't really "give" it, he's paid for it and we call it his "second job." It pays about $50 a week and he uses that money for seminary so we don't have to take out another school loan. It takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. But he can work on his computer, read, visit with people around him during that time.

Glad you're willing to give it another chance...that is, after your feast. :)

jill m said...

Good for you! I really should donate more often - haven't done it for a couple years. I just don't like the feeling of the needle in my arm, plus sometimes they have trouble finding a good vein. yeah, yeah, just excuses I know! :)

Deb said...

Hope it goes much better next time. MUCH better!!

Cindy said...

Jess - That's a big time commitment for Jonathan. Even if money weren't involved, it probably would still feel like a second job!

Jill - I'll call you up next time and you can go with me. I may need a little encouragement too.

Mom - Me too! But I won't do it on an empty stomach again, so it should.