Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

I know there are quite a few blogs out there that do "Menu Plan Mondays," and since I always enjoy getting new ideas I thought I would start sharing mine.

Here's my plan for this week:

Monday: Beef Stroganoff Sandwiches, Peas

Tuesday: Cheese Enchiladas Unwrapped

Wednesday: Shell Casserole, Green Beans

Thursday: Crab & Corn Cakes, Lettuce Salad

Friday: Biscuit-Topped Lemon Chicken (with potatoes and carrots added)

Saturday: Breakfast - Mennonite Pancakes
               Supper - Crock Pot Lasagna, Corn

Sunday: Breakfast - Flaky Biscuits with jelly
             Dinner - Cobb Salad Wraps


jill m said...

looks very yummy! And very practical for the average family life. Are you going to post recipe links? No big deal if you don't, I'm just looking for the easy way...

Cindy said...

I'm going to start posting more of our favorites on here and then I can start linking to them. There's a few that I think I got off the internet, so I'll try and find the links to those tonight. Do you have the Fix It and Forget It cookbook? The shell casserole is in there.