Saturday, January 29, 2011

Silly Boy

We've enjoyed the warmer weather this week, and even got to build a not-so-big snowman.  Henry walked around with a little stick saying "my carrot nose" while I rolled the snowballs around.  And once we got it built?  He admired it for half a second and then asked if he could kick it over.

It hasn't taken me long to learn with Henry that most of the joy in building something is the destruction of it seconds later.

Friday I took Henry out for a treat.

Ice Cream!
I knew he couldn't eat the whole thing, but share with Mom?  Phht.  We're too big for that.

So we took the rest home and stuck it in the freezer.

This morning, while I was mopping upstairs, Henry went down to get the ice pack (after walking into the door frame of his room), and came back up quite a while later.  "I ate ice cream.  I was hungry."
At least he put it back.

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