Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cozumel, Mexico

Earlier this year Doug and I got to get away on a peaceful, relaxing vacation that involved a lot of sitting.

And I got to use my 7-year-old passport for the very first time.  :)  Although we had to renew Doug's since it expired 2 months before our trip (at least his had been used a few times!).
And this is where we spent almost every day.
I didn't take enough books along - apparently I'm not used to having that much uninterrupted time to read!
We saw some Mayan Ruins.
Lots of iguanas.
A few crocodiles.

And even some dolphins, crabs and pelicans.

Around 5:00 we'd be sitting at the snack bar,
watching the sun set as we waited for the dining area to open for supper.

We had a good time, relaxed, and had some time to sit and talk.

I have no desire to be one of those couples who go every year, where 10 days still isn't long enough for them.

But then again, we were the ones sitting in the shade without our own insulated mugs for beer.

How uncool of us.

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