Wednesday, July 27, 2011

While Mom Mowed...

I seriously should have a separate folder for pictures of things that went on while I was busy mowing.

Henry usually hangs out by me, riding bike while I mow the front or in the sandbox while I mow the back.  He'll disappear sometimes, but since he's good about not playing out front by the sidewalk without me, I usually don't worry and just go check on him a few times. 

Because he's almost always just playing in the car and loading it up with tools and the scraps of wood we keep for the fireplace.

Except sometimes he's not.

Sometimes he's enjoying unsupervised time in the house.

This is what I found last week after mowing, and I did have to laugh because I didn't find either of the messes until several hours later.

His bedroom:
He helped himself to about half a block of cheese.  And ate off of every edge.

The office:
My stack of post its was in about a hundred pieces, papers had random "H"s on them, and several post its were stapled.
He also emptied out some of my hanging folders so his toolbox would fit in the drawer.  Because every toolbox needs a drawer, you know.


Jessica said...

It's a good day when we mothers can take joy in the mischief of our little boys. :)

Cindy said...

Yes it is, but sometimes it's so hard to see beyond the mess. I'm sure you can relate to the "It's quiet, that can't be good..." feeling. :)