Thursday, October 28, 2010

Balls, Legos, and a Little Fixing

My original plan for last week's family night was to play some (easy) games.
I got out the games during the afternoon and let Henry examine them before we even tried to play.
The checkerboard was useless - he just wanted to build a tower.  
Chutes and Ladders showed promise - until he found the spinner again and didn't stop spinning it for about 5 minutes.
We're not ready for "rule" games yet.
 So we went outside to play.  We played with the bat and balls, and after I reminded Henry to keep his eyes on the ball, he was hitting them half-way across the yard!  It was hilarious to see how intently he focused on the ball before swinging.
Doug got a workout after we got the giant tennis ball out - once Henry saw him kick it up high, that's all he wanted Dad to do for the next 20 minutes.
This weekend we put sheetrock up in the basement for the toy/train/farm room.  I don't know who's more excited about it - Doug or Henry.
Please ignore the high-water pants I subjected my son to.
And here's proof that he will be an expert with tools in the near future.
This Tuesday we hauled out the legos.  
That is definitely Doug's area of expertise.  
I build a box and called it a garage.
Doug built trucks.
Henry was kind enough to play with both.
Henry also walked on Dad's back. There may have been a little jumping.
On AND off of Dad's back.
I never did hear if his back felt better or worse after Henry "fixed" it.

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